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“Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.” George Orwell

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You don’t often have the time to read your organization’s website, much less write down the stories that would make you proud to see there with your byline. But just as you have partnered with reporters to tell your story in their media outlets, you can now partner with Verb to tell those stories in your own media. Verb’s team of writers, editors, and copy editors will take the time to interview your sources, research the topic, tell, and edit each story according to your feedback.

Imagine having a newsroom in house, with professional journalists and editorial processes, dedicated to tell your stories and edit them following your guidance. Whether you are a spokesperson, a communications or marketing manager, a PR consultant, or work at a PR agency, Verb gives you the confidence to set the consistent publishing rhythm that you need to help you achieve your goals with the quality you demand to sign your name to every story. That is how customers like use Verb’s services.

The Solution You Need

You know everything you need to tell your story, the problem is that writing takes time. You can hire a freelance writer to take care of that, but paying hourly for reporting and interviewing can leave you feeling like you are in a cab stuck in traffic. Some stories are hard to explain beforehand and it takes a first draft to figure out the right angle. After that, you still need to edit, proofread, and meet your deadline. If you rush the story out to match your calendar, you might find that you aren’t clear or that you are missing on the intended message. By then, it’s too late to get the resources you need to honor the story.

Enter Verb. Our monthly newsroom subscription is designed to reserve enough time of our team to work just on your story. Each month with our monthly subscription, you get one 1,500-word blog post article, capturing featured images or illustration from your sources, plus promotional social media suggestions and edited video from interviews, if available. We’ll work together on successive rounds of revisions, with enough time to ensure you are satisfied with the result. Our writers and editors will follow your feedback and guidance to make sure each story reflects the facts of the case, picks up on the most compelling narrative elements, and match your organization’s and your own style.

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