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Verb’s Clients in the News

  • Cambridge tech startup nets $41m to wire up labs

    Cambridge tech startup nets $41m to wire up labs

    Elemental Machines will use the new funds to target sales in laboratory operations, The Boston Globe reports. It’s a $60 billion annual market

  • Women are sowing the seeds of change in Latin America

    “In my 30-plus years of working in this region, I’ve seen women as agents of change, capable of creating companies, driving progress and transforming their lives, families and communities.”

  • A New VR Experience Takes You Into a Museum of Stolen Masterpieces

    “It is mostly dark in the Stolen Art Gallery, with a night sky above punctured by twin skylights that passively illuminate the room. You can’t see the walls, because there are no walls. You can’t see your feet, because you have no feet. All you can see, aside from an orientation pad in the middle…

  • The Stolen Art Gallery review: More like this, please

    “The first time I tried VR — an original Oculus developer headset at a developer conference — I thought it could be a great learning tool that could bring slices of the real world to anyone and everyone. Yes, it can be fun to beat things with virtual sabers, but it’s also important to use…

  • Five Stolen Paintings Go on Display in Virtual Reality

    “In a new virtual reality exhibition, five missing masterpieces are now on view in stunning detail. The Stolen Art Gallery is not a physical gallery space; it is an app, which users can download and explore from anywhere in the world. Created by the Brazilian company Compass UOL, the gallery displays famous paintings that were…

  • Virtual Reality Stolen Art Gallery

    “Stolen paintings are back! Five masterpieces that disappeared decades ago are now visible on the Oculus Quest 2. The experience is brought to you by Compass UOL, a tech-driven company that uses digital platform innovation to redefine its partners’ business strategies.”

  • ‘Stolen Art Gallery’ Gathers Lost Masterpieces In VR So You Can View Them Again

    “The Stolen Art Gallery is home to art you’ve most likely never seen in person. Within its virtual halls reside five of the most famous missing masterpieces that have been lost over time. Thanks to virtual reality, you can now lay your eyes on stolen work from Caravaggio, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Édouard Manet, and Paul…

  • This VR Gallery Is Comprised Entirely Of Stolen Art

    “The Stolen Art Gallery is a one-of-a-kind VR app from Brazilian tech firm Compass UOL that immersed you in a virtual art gallery comprised entirely of stolen art from world-renown artists such as Caravaggio, Cezanne, Manet, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. The educational VR experience allows you to get closer than ever before to 5 stolen…

  • The Stolen Art Gallery – a VR experience that places you in a gallery of major works of art that have been stolen or are missing

    “This week, I used the headset to visit The Stolen Art Gallery, a VR exhibit of famous works of art that were either stolen or have gone missing. Created by Compass UOL, the app placed me in the center of a dark circular gallery surrounded by five works of art by Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Cézanne, Manet,…

  • This New App Brings Stolen Art Back to (Virtual) Life

    “The app is simplicity incarnate — a deliberate choice by its creators, who wanted the art to be the star of the show. As Compass UOL CEO and co-founder Alexis Rockenbach recently explained, “We ended up choosing…a minimalist approach, where you [are] in this dark space [and] the only thing you are really paying attention… Read…

  • This VR gallery highlights famous stolen works of art by Rembrandt and Van Gogh

    “With a new app called The Stolen Art Gallery, art lovers can get up close to digitized versions of the paintings using a Meta Quest headset, and can hear spoken descriptions of the works (similar to a museum walking tour) via a virtual watch.”

  • The Stolen Art Gallery Opens its Doors in the Metaverse

    “In a metaverse twist, the Stolen Art Gallery brings back artist together with art. As moonlight filters from a skylight into the darkened warehouse of the gallery and you hear the crashing storm at sea, you can tap your wrist to have a miniature bust of Rembrandt materialize and share that he included a self-portrait…