Our Team

Our advantage is our people. The most seasoned and experienced reporters in the region, combined with a leadership team who values the power of quality news and storytelling, promotes curiosity and is determined to dig deep to connect your audience with the right story and angle. We operate a newsroom organization with a thorough process to produce top notch news and branded content that cuts through the noise.

Victor Aimi

Victor is a public relations professional, co-founder and President of Verb. He spent more than 20 years at Microsoft Corporation in different marketing, sales and public relations positions. Victor’s role at Verb is to help clients plan the stories they want to tell. He resides in Miami. More.

Avedis “Avo” Hadjian

Avo is a journalist and writer, as well as a co-founder and the COO of Verb. He has worked as a reporter and editor for CNN, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal. Avo is also the author of “Secret Nation: The Hidden Armenians of Turkey.” He resides in Venice. More.

Federico Helman

Federico is a communications expert who specializes in social and commercial communication. He is a co-founder and Vice-President of Verb, and he is a renowned advertising professional with extensive experience in national and international projects. He resides in Buenos Aires. More.

Ivan Rothkegel

Ivan is a journalist and an expert in international publishing in Spanish, an experience he gained from the Wall Street Journal, where he worked with Avo, Claudia, Patrick, Saemin, Sergio and Wilson. He has also worked in Diario Financiero in Chile and other business media. Ivan’s role on the team is editor, where he focuses on the stories we tell.  He resides in New York. More.

Andrea Lopez Cruzado

Andrea is an editor, writer and translator with more than a decade of experience. She focuses on financials news and collaborations at the Wall Street Journal and in real estate for the Dow Jones’ Mansion Global magazine. She also works in the Spanish service at Bloomberg. Andrea works in the newsroom at Verb as a reporter. She resides in New York. More.

Claudia Sandoval-Gomez

Claudia is a journalist, editor and translator specializing in economics and technology. She has worked at the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNET and as a foreign correspondent for the newspaper El Tiempo of Colombia. Claudia is a reporter on the Verb team. She resides in New York. More. More.

Roxana Belaunde

Roxana is an independent journalist. She has worked at the magazine Cosas of Peru, conducting interviews and articles on social, artistic, cultural and fashion topics. She is now dedicated to the subject of Peruvian and international gastronomy. Roxana is a reporter on the Verb team. She resides in Lima. More.

Jaime Mejia

Jaime is a journalist, specializing in production, business publishing and financial journalism. He has worked as an editor, journalist and translator for Rev, Mansion Global, Latin Trade, America Economica, Huffington Post, Televisa and The Wall Street Journal. In his previous role, he was Ivan’s coworkers. Jaime is a reporter on the Verb team. He resides in Miami. More.

Joao Mauro Uchoa

Joao is a reporter, editor, and producer with experience in organizational communications, crisis management, and media training. He was as an editor at newspaper A Tarde and a radio host at CBN Radio, in Brazil. Joao is a reporter with Verb. He resides in Sao Paulo. More.

Patrick Brock

Patrick is journalist and translator specializing in business and finance. He is an editor for the English-language version of Brazilian business daily Valor Economico, and worked as a translator and editor of Brazil news for the Wall Street Journal. Patrick is an editor and translator at Verb. He resides in New York. More.

Saemin Yoon

Saemin is a journalist and a communications professional. He has worked at The Wall Street Jounal as an editorial coordinator, translations editor and web editor. He now works at the Ministry of Education for the City of New York. Saemin is the Copy Editor at Verb and oversees editing texts and adjusting the tone of the articles according to our clients. He resides in New York. More.

Wilson Lievano

Wilson is a multimedia journalist, editor and animation designer with more than 10 years of experience at The Wall Street Journal. He studied journalism at Boston University and Stanford University. Wilson is a reporter at Verb. He resides in Boston. More.

Leandro Yanco

Leandro is a Copywriter and Creative Director. He worked at different advertising agencies in Madrid and Buenos Aires such as Casadevall Pedreño PRG, Arnold Spain & Ruiz Nicoli Lineas, among others. He is also a Spanish transcreator and Voice-Over Director for international brands. Some of his works have been awarded in Cannes, El Sol and Club de Creativos (CdeC). Leandro is an art director at Verb. He lives in Madrid. More.

Jensy Florian

Jensy is a designer and art director with extensive experience in news design. He has worked as graphic news artist at the Wall Street Journal, and is a digital designer for the U.S. Sun newspaper. At Verb, he is an editorial designer. He resides in New York. More.

Alberto Cervantes

Alberto is a visual information designer with extensive design experience at The Wall Street Journal, Viacom, and other organizations. He is an infographic designer at Verb. Alberto resides in New York. More.

Vicente Marti Solar

Vicente is a concept artist whose editorial illustration work has appeared on El Mercurio newspaper in his home country of Chile, on Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, and other international media, and on advertising campaigns for prominent brands. Vicente is a digital illustrator for Verb. He resides in Santiago. More.