New: Introducing Newsroom Services

Get professional journalists working on your blog at a monthly price you can afford
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You are not earning enough

Escape the trap of your public relations job being evaluated only on your “earned media” results

To The Goddesses Around Us

On this Women’s Day, we celebrate with gratitude the power of everyday miracles in our friends and colleagues around the world. Happy Women’s Day!

How to help your spokespersons shine

We all like to hear the news, especially when they are bad, from persons, who speak and who can relate to us. Check out how Verb can help prepare your spokespersons to shine.

The Time Avo Went From New York to LA by Train

Back in 2016, Avo traveled from New York to Los Angeles by train, and shared the experience in a series of twenty posts in this blog, a collection he called “The Trans-American Railroad.” The recent US elections brought the series back to mind.

Let’s Write a Better Year

At Verb Company we cannot wait to start a better year. We wish you a great 2021 and hope to meet again soon.