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  • Cybernetics and the English language

    Cybernetics and the English language

    We teach ChatGPT to read following George Orwell’s rules for using language “as an instrument for expressing and not concealing or preventing thought”

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  • Remittances in Latin America are starting to go fintech

    Remittances to the region are estimated to have reached a new record in 2022. Technology has played a key role.

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  • Half still work from anywhere but the office

    A report of badge scans shows half of people have not gone back to the office, leaving behind empty buildings for the challenge of remote work

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  • Why Falconers Hold Birds On Their Left Arm

    Antonella Pintore, a distinguished Italian falconer and archeologist specialized in Etruscan civilization, spoke of her passion for birds of prey, which started during a childhood visit to the Grand Canyon

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  • First, you need 192 high-intensity lasers and a gold cylinder

    Your chance to learn a new recipe for clean power

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  • Let’s ChatGPT: The sky-high expectations of AI chatbots

    How the latest AI model became a topic of conversation

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  • The other international event they follow in Bangladesh

    What do Lionel Messi, COP27 and Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus have in common? Read on.

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  • Alexa Looks for a New Job

    Deep-pocketed Amazon is making cuts to the digital assistant after losing up to $5 billion a year in a largely successful effort to boost usage. Is a move to another division of the e-commerce juggernaut in the offing?

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  • Let’s Talk Tokens

    Things you can learn about the value of crypto after the FTX debacle

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