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  • How Fiat Hopped on Google to Drive Traffic

    How Fiat Hopped on Google to Drive Traffic

    Oil prices and the Detroit meltdown brought Fiat back to the U.S. To raise brand awareness following an absence of decades, it worked with Google on a strategy of online ads and search optimization. In 12 months, name recognition rose 127% and year-on-year sales 120%.

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  • I’m an Ad Man, and I Use Ad Blockers

    Last week I installed my first ad blocking software. I had not cared to do it earlier because, well, I am an ad man, and I have a professional interest in advertising. But last week I changed my mind. I was trying to learn the results of presidential elections in Argentina by checking the local media… Read…

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  • A World Without Advertising

    A world without advertising would miss information about the food we eat, the cars we drive, and almost everything we buy. And everything would cost more. Advertising fosters competition. Do you remember your first cell phone? With ad blockers, only those that inform without screaming will be left.

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