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  • Limited Internet for Free: Would you take Facebook’s offer?

    Limited Internet for Free: Would you take Facebook’s offer?

    Facebook is offering in India a free service of Internet, with access to a limited number of websites including its own. It has found resistance, prompting company founder Mark Zuckerberg to lobby hard for it, comparing it to libraries and hospitals. Critics oppose it because it challenges net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers… Read…

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  • Grey Lady Learns New Language

    I just tested The New York Times virtual reality app. In a refreshing change, the test was more about expression than technology. The experience says more about the future of virtual reality than any technical review. The app uses Google Cardboard, which the Times sent to my doorstep free of charge for being an online… Read…

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  • The Age of Mercury: The boom of messaging and the fickle Internet

    Email has long been overridden by social networks, and these are now being relegated to the sidelines by messaging, the new boom of the Internet. This kind of service has now displaced conventional text messages. Facebook sees it and is pushing ahead in China. And a 48 hour ban on Whatsapp caused rival Telegram to soar… Read…

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