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  • How publishing on your website makes you a better communicator

    How publishing on your website makes you a better communicator

    Six ways publishing on your own website makes you a better communicator

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  • Data breaches exceed bank robberies

    It’s another case of brick-and-mortar institutions losing to digital. There were 3,813 data breaches in the first half of 2019 compared to 3,200 good old physical bank robberies in the entire 2018. To be fair, we are not exactly comparing apples to apples. The data figure is global, and the bank robbery figure is US-only.… Read More »Data breaches exceed bank robberies

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  • Boeing’s Marketing Problem

    When we published a survey on the MAX among pilots of the 737 model, most journalists and industry experts we contacted were surprised that we did not believe the MAX brand would ever take to the air again. Most journalists were taking for granted that a recertified, improved MAX would soon be flying again. It… Read More »Boeing’s Marketing Problem

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