Online content for technology companies

Our mission is to find the true stories with the most relevance in the market and help you tell them in an accurate and compelling way, so that your audiences can learn something new or see the world in a new way.

Verb Company


Our reporters go after your story so you don’t have to, interviewing your team members, customers, partners, and other stakeholders, and researching preexisting information to come up with new angles. That way, you don’t need to invent entire narratives from scratch to start feeding content into your marketing and communications campaigns.


You work hard to build your brand’s credibility, and we support you by running a newsroom organization to edit all the content we deliver for integrity, accuracy, and clarity. That includes double checking all figures, quotes, and statements that go into your blog and online documents, and making sure you are following a consistent style that matches your brand’s voice.


You don’t have time to provide a lot of context to a new vendor, and we don’t need it: we are focused on the technology industry and we are already reporting on all the key news, trends and players in your ecosystem. We also know that posting content to your website is just the start and arm you with all the elements you need to quickly amplify your message on social media, PR, email marketing, and events.


Your public cares about the stories close to them, so we work with the local reporters who are closest to the action. That includes developing the story in English for review and approval and delivering it in local language with appropriate wording for any local market you are working on.