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  • A VR Headset Unveils a Museum of Stolen Art

    Compass UOL brings back stolen masterpieces in a new application of the metaverse

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  • “Too expensive” is just the excuse, not the reason why people don’t buy

    Gaby Wiegran, a behavioral economist provides insights into why we accept, or not, the prices we pay for goods and services.

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  • How to keep your online relationships fresh

    Customers who try automated service options fail to get help half the time. Avaya is doing something about it.

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  • Social Media Becomes the Playing Field for Brand Awareness

    As fewer people visit stores, companies are taking their brand awareness efforts online

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  • Telemedicine and the Cloud Join Forces to Save Lives

    The doctor will see you online.

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  • Suddenly, the Future of Work Came Upon Us

    The world of labor has changed dramatically and there’s no looking back.

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