• How to keep your online relationships fresh

    Customers who try automated service options fail to get help half the time. Avaya is doing something about it.

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  • It’s worth $12 billion but you can have it for free

    Use the marketing AI that made MailChimp worth $12 billion at no cost

  • How getting an outside view benefits your organization

    The right PR agency can give you an outside view of how your brand can contribute to the topics that reporters are working on

  • A system to buy individual articles without a subscription

    At Verb we want a system that lets us buy individual articles without paying for a subscription. Do you want to join us?

  • Technology is driving a massive transformation of Latin America

    A report by Atlantico VC calls the impact of Covid-19 in Latin America “The Tech Tsunami.” We found money is indeed raining down on the region’s startups.

  • You can learn how to disagree in style

    Instead of saying “agree to disagree,” civility is the art to disagree productively. To learn it, check out these tips from the PRSA.

  • AWS Went to Court on Their Marketing Analytics: Could You Do the Same?

    You can think it was the politics, or you can listen to AWS’ sales boss: “customers are our obsession.” This is how they do it, step by step.