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Illustration of George Orwell at his typewriter
“If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” George Orwell
  • This is why they don’t approve your public relations budget

    Things left unsaid might be blocking your budget, even if everyone is happy with your PR program

  • The Power of Personal Stories

    We turn to the stories of successful people behind the great ideas because knowing they were fallible humans like us is a powerful source of inspiration

  • You should write more often

    Ann Handley is a writer, digital marketing pioneer, and WSJ best-selling author. We follow her publishing frequency advice.

  • Why work on your computer when you have a phone?

    Regulations on the use of mobile devices at work have been overtaken by events. Take our survey to share your mobile work habits.

  • Training Your AI is Just as Hard as Raising a Child

    Toutiao is a Chinese news personalization app which uses artificial intelligence to select what news items to present to its 120 million daily active users. Algorithmic personalization is effective, but how to prevent its downsides?

  • Searching the Library of Babel

    SEO link building strategies sound a lot like PR when you look at them. We follow Rand Fishkin to see how both disciplines are evolving.