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  • The other international event they follow in Bangladesh

    What do Lionel Messi, COP27 and Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus have in common? Read on.

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  • The big PC sales slump is here and likely to stay

    As the coronavirus pandemic recedes, higher inflation and interest rates are making consumers and businesses think twice before buying new equipment

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  • The growing appeal of digital wallets

    The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and an e-commerce boom have helped digital wallets position themselves as a relevant payment alternative in bank-centered Latin America

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  • Elemental Machines Announces New LabOps Tools and Integrations

    Laboratory Operations, or LabOps for short, are a key component of biotech and hence, of modern healthcare. Verb customer Elemental Machines explains what it takes to run an effective lab today

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  • Avo Hadjian is the new managing partner at Verb

    Make sure to send your congratulations and read the announcement to learn more about Avo’s career, which spans six countries—so far

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  • Will the Neobank Boom in Latin America Continue?

    Venture capitalists will be more selective this year, after a banner 2021, but there are plenty of reasons to be bullish on the future of fintech and neobanks in the region

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  • Career Tips from Odo

    A fictional anarchist from the future helps you understand the present

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  • Millions of viewers at a fraction of the cost

    Thousands of creators your audience loves need new sponsors

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  • The Open Source Revolution Quietly Gains Ground in Latin America

    The technology is upending markets as diverse as banking, public services, and healthcare

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  • His turn to keep it clean

    Elon Musk calls Twitter “the digital town square.” Will he open it up to all kinds of abuse, as some fear?

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