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  • A World Without Advertising

    A World Without Advertising

    A world without advertising would miss information about the food we eat, the cars we drive, and almost everything we buy. And everything would cost more. Advertising fosters competition. Do you remember your first cell phone? With ad blockers, only those that inform without screaming will be left.

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  • Think True

    The “Think small” campaign in 1959 changed the history of Volkswagen. A company founded in the Germany of the 1930s became the brand of progressive customers in the U.S. and the world. The fraud on emissions invites to rethink the slogan with the best rhetorical tool: the truth.

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  • From Tablet to Tablet by Way of Paper, in Western Progression

    Around 5500 BC there was portable communication in the East: clay tablets that recorded news and transactions. Seven millenia later, tablets and calculators return after a millenium of paper, light and practical, that also hailed from the East and which will come back to laugh last, and better.

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  • The Universe Fits in Eight Characters

    We compress text to the size of a mobile. There is an old, and brief, solution: the word. “In the letters of rose there is the rose, and the entire Nile fits in the word Nile.” A wine label can be art. Symbols surround us. And we don’t always want them to change, like Google did.

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  • There is Plenty of Time

    The possibility to buy online in a second, something that could take us hours in the past, makes us believe that “we have no time.” We do: the same amount as always. We now have to earn each second of attention, and keep it. But it’s worth it: some messages cannot be told in a… Read…

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  • Which Half is Wasted?

    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” John Wanamaker said a century ago. Do you believe in the stats? Bots have driven cheating. A media firm, OLX, even favors stop counting clicks. And now there are mobile ads blockers.

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