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  • Sean Penn interviews El Chapo Guzmán

    Sean Penn interviews El Chapo Guzmán

    An actor of ample talent and generous means, Sean Penn dabbles in journalism as a hobby: he can afford it and, more importantly, he does it with competence. Indeed, he pulled off a journalistic feat by interviewing for Rolling Stone one of the most sought men in the world: El Chapo Guzmán, head of the… Read…

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  • The Ballon d’Or rolls on Facebook

    In soccer, there is a correlation between popularity and prizes, as we can see in an analysis by Facebook that shows Cristiano Ronaldo as the winner of the Ballon d’Or that FIFA awards annually to the world’s best player. The Portuguese was picked by more than 80 percent of Facebook users in his homeland, whereas… Read…

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  • What happens in Vegas: the Consumer Electronics Show

      Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas heralds the world the new technologies will usher in. This year the stars appear to have been futuristic supercars, including BMW’s i8 convertible concept and Faraday Future’s FFZERO1, a car that can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. From gesture… Read…

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  • The 10,000 character tweets, or why we write longer

    “I write long because I am short of time,” admitted Erasmus of Rotterdam in a letter to a friend. The decision by Twitter to set a 10,000-character limit may be a concession to hurried users unable to sum up their messages or, on the contrary, an acknowledgment that some messages may well deserve more than… Read…

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  • Will 3D printers turn all of us into micro-producers?

    A breakthrough has been achieved in 3D printing technology with the printing—for lack of a better word—of high strength ceramic components, which overcome traditional manufacture limitations. And in Italy, a machine has been invented that prints chocolate, in bars and all shapes that your creativity and software allows. Will 3D printers will move us a… Read…

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  • Error 451 indicates the page you are looking for has been censored

    The Internet Engineering Steering Group has approved code 451 to indicate a censored page. The number is inspired in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 in which firemen burned any book they found. The uses are more than metaphorical: you may appeal to the courts if you come across Error 451.

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  • The New Year

    “There is a tree with twelve branches, with thirty apples in each branch, and each apple has a white half and a black half.” The Armenians of the pre-Christian era represented with this simple riddle the tree of life. It was the year. The chromatic duality was a metaphor for day and night, but also,… Read…

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  • Why acoustics matter, even outside a concert hall

    We live in the era of noise. So much so, that we no longer hear the TVs idling on as we talk, and we can’t pin down what’s so annoying about a perfectly mute office (it gets worse when a colleague opens a pack of chips), yet love the layered sounds that concur at Grand… Read…

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  • Limited Internet for Free: Would you take Facebook’s offer?

    Facebook is offering in India a free service of Internet, with access to a limited number of websites including its own. It has found resistance, prompting company founder Mark Zuckerberg to lobby hard for it, comparing it to libraries and hospitals. Critics oppose it because it challenges net neutrality, the principle that Internet service providers… Read…

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