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  • Alexa Looks for a New Job

    Deep-pocketed Amazon is making cuts to the digital assistant after losing up to $5 billion a year in a largely successful effort to boost usage. Is a move to another division of the e-commerce juggernaut in the offing?

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  • Why work on your computer when you have a phone?

    Regulations on the use of mobile devices at work have been overtaken by events. Take our survey to share your mobile work habits.

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  • Training Your AI is Just as Hard as Raising a Child

    Toutiao is a Chinese news personalization app which uses artificial intelligence to select what news items to present to its 120 million daily active users. Algorithmic personalization is effective, but how to prevent its downsides?

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  • Searching the Library of Babel

    SEO link building strategies sound a lot like PR when you look at them. We follow Rand Fishkin to see how both disciplines are evolving.

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  • There is no such thing as free news

    Consumption of digital news in Latin America grew exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and more people are paying for subscriptions.

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  • All Marketing is Mobile Marketing: Cindy Krum

    The evidence about the importance of a strong mobile experience is clear, yet for many publishers their mobile websites are often an afterthought.

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  • Digital Transformation is Hard but Expensive

    Out of total, 67% of New York Times business in 2020 was subscriptions, up from 44% in 2010.

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  • George Orwell’s tips for a less Orwellian future

    George Orwell is famous for “1984,” but his work as a journalist is less known. In the essay “Politics and the English language”, Orwell explains how to use language to sharpen the way we think.

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  • You are not earning enough

    Escape the trap of your public relations job being evaluated only on your “earned media” results

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  • To The Goddesses Around Us

    On this Women’s Day, we celebrate with gratitude the power of everyday miracles in our friends and colleagues around the world. Happy Women’s Day!

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