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  • What is Figma anyway?

    In this issue of Verb’s newsletter, we discuss why Adobe offered $20 billion for startup Figma, the benefits of learning to code in high school, and the trillion dollars tech companies could make in Latin America

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  • Two decades later, e-commerce is the hottest web technology

    Can you sell online? It’s never been easier

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  • Your Password is No Longer “password,” What Next?

    You might not be a hacker, but there are still things you can do for better information security

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  • The Things We Thank You For

    You know better than anyone else whom to thank this year, but we offer some big things worthy of gratitude

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  • Neobanks are coming from where you least expect them

    Nubank’s IPO shows you can use technology to create a pretty amazing bank even in a tough market

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  • Always be the First to Tell Your Own Story

    What to do when your holding statements fall behind the news? Be quick to accept criticism and learn from your mistakes

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  • My Other Car Is a Mac

    Apple announces the fastest MacBook ever as a global computer-chip shortage slows down car production

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  • Why Our New Media Relations Service Should Matter To You

    Even when PR publications are never guaranteed, it still helps you to reach a targeted list of journalists at a flat rate

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  • When the Code is No Longer Secret

    Join us on a world tour of computer science education with nonprofit

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  • The Ethical Path for Facebook PR

    What would you expect Facebook to do if you were a Facebook customer?

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