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  • What is Figma anyway?

    In this issue of Verb’s newsletter, we discuss why Adobe offered $20 billion for startup Figma, the benefits of learning to code in high school, and the trillion dollars tech companies could make in Latin America

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  • Your banker could soon look very different

    The sale of Technisys for $1.1 billion shows banking is fast becoming a side gig for companies in other industries.

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  • The good thing about Miami, the most important US city

    Learn to love Miami like a local before America moves in

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  • Virtual Care is the Future of Medicine

    Since the pandemic, health systems took a 180° turn. Just as telebanking today is simply banking, “virtual healthcare” will become “healthcare.” However, healthcare providers must form alliances with technology companies and not simply have hundreds of disjointed applications

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  • They Found El Dorado

    You could get rich too if you dare work with the world’s most intense online users

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  • Good Spirits

    You’ll be surprised to hear about the craft distillers of Argentina

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  • Artificial Intelligence: The Italics Are Mine

    How to reap AI benefits while avoiding its potential pitfalls

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  • Tech news review: 10 writers to read, hear, and watch in 2022

    Woman bites camel and other compelling stories

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  • Track Change

    Avo visits an abandoned train yard in Hungary for a Christian Science Monitor photoshoot

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  • Could new media moguls really stop looking at web traffic?

    Why Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are nothing like Joseph Pulitzer

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