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  • Alexa Looks for a New Job

    Deep-pocketed Amazon is making cuts to the digital assistant after losing up to $5 billion a year in a largely successful effort to boost usage. Is a move to another division of the e-commerce juggernaut in the offing?

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  • Should you believe all the metaverse hype?

    Metaverse promises to be a multibillion-dollar trend backed by Facebook and other tech giants, but expectations should be tempered, at least for now

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  • Sensible Leap: Making the Metaverse Feel Real Amid the Buzz

    Magic Leap’s new headset does a good job of explaining what the metaverse can do for you

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  • Latam unicorns are flying high as venture capital surges

    The region could have another great year in 2022 on the back of a new generation of internet giants

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  • Do you want chips with that?

    Barcelona’s Mobile Word Congress and Apple show the move to the metaverse is on

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  • Have you had any LOL attacks?

    Uncle Sam wants you to stop the next Russian cyberattack, but at least you get Mick Douglas as drill sergeant.

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  • Your banker could soon look very different

    The sale of Technisys for $1.1 billion shows banking is fast becoming a side gig for companies in other industries.

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  • The good thing about Miami, the most important US city

    Learn to love Miami like a local before America moves in

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  • Virtual Care is the Future of Medicine

    Since the pandemic, health systems took a 180° turn. Just as telebanking today is simply banking, “virtual healthcare” will become “healthcare.” However, healthcare providers must form alliances with technology companies and not simply have hundreds of disjointed applications

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  • They Found El Dorado

    You could get rich too if you dare work with the world’s most intense online users

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