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Social Media Becomes the Playing Field for Brand Awareness

You heard it first from Verb’s customer Marco Marketing. As fewer people go or drive to stores, thus reducing the impact of logos or other physical space visuals for consumers, companies are increasingly taking their brand awareness efforts to social media. A Nielsen marketing report highlights that brand awareness has never been more important. Yet it also points out that it has become harder than ever to stand out in an atomized world, where consumer attitudes are in a permanent flux, and online shelves are virtually infinite.

Other interesting takeaways: the networks attracting companies’ attention are TikTok and Instagram (rather than Facebook); data is vital to personalize strategies, the challenge being how to scale it up; and consumers expect brands to own up to their promises, something in which they are lagging. Also, see the chart that illustrates this post to see goal variations by region: brand awareness is less important in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); customer acquisition is more important in Latin America, where churn reduction, however, matters less than in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and EMEA. See the full report here.

“Our World is Being Rewritten with Code:” Flagship Pioneering’s Margo Georgiadis

Verb Company writes stories for about kids learning computer science around the world, so we were drawn to this brief interview with Margo Georgiadis, Flagship Pioneering’s new CEO-Partner. See how she went from paddy fields in Indonesia to senior executive positions at Google,, and Mattel. She will now focus her efforts on preemptive medicine at Flagship, a venture capital firm focused on life sciences with a portfolio that includes Moderna, one of the leading developers of the Covid-19 vaccine. “A data geek,” as she describes herself, she has always looked for ways “to use data and technology to re-imagine products and experiences to make lives better.” and its partners are preparing the new generations that will lead these efforts.

The Volume of Calls Multiplied Tenfold: That’s Great! Or is it?

As Covid-related curbs started to ease, organizations had to deal with sudden surges of call volumes. More business is what companies exist for, but it’s not that great when your call volume goes from 2,000 calls a day to 20,000. See this Avaya Spaces video.