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Telemedicine and the Cloud Join Forces to Save Lives

A report prepared by Global Health Intelligence and Florida International University highlights the growth of telemedicine in Latin America. Chile led the region in telemedicine before the Covid pandemic, with 65 percent of the country’s hospitals offering this technology, followed by Uruguay, with 54 percent, and Guatemala, with 45 percent. Latin American hospitals in the region rely on Avaya OneCloud solutions to enable a total experience for both healthcare managers and professionals as well as patients, through a simplified, more secure, and private interaction, ultimately saving lives, says Jim Rogers, Senior Director of Healthcare Solutions at Avaya. (See the story here, in Spanish). 

Roxana Belaunde, a Verb Company writer, has reported how Covid gave telemedicine adoption a boost. “According to Yahoo Finance, the Brazilian platform Docway went from having between 3,000 and 5,000 consultations per year to one million in 2020, while Colombian app 1DOC3, open to any country in the region, grew by 925 percent only in Mexico,” she wrote in a blog post. “These apps take visit payments by transfer or through payment gateways.”  

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When the Bait is Too Big to Pass Up 

One of the most interesting clients we have worked with is BitTrap, a tech startup that uses wallets with risk-adjusted bounties to lure hackers who get into a system. This makes early detection possible, and remediation, quick.  

Their solution may address supply chain cyberattacks, which may cause severe disruptions even on a global scale. Supply chain attacks force organizations to continuously upgrade their solutions to stop them. Any step in the supply chain can be a tempting opportunity for hackers to make their way into many systems from that single entry point and cause immense harm. 

This is how BitTrap can help an organization detect and isolate compromised devices quickly while keeping its assets safe. 

And Speaking of Health and Baits… 

Our blog post that has consistently received most visitors over five years, often topping our daily chart, is the extraordinary story of Roberto Bubas, an Argentine wildlife ranger who has become friends with orcas in Patagonia. A documentary about his work, aired on Argentine TV back in the day, apparently had a positive impact on a boy with autism.  

We have been mystified by the number of daily visitors this story has been attracting since it was published in May 2017. Perhaps, we have wondered, these are people still seeking answers they can’t find elsewhere. We are afraid we don’t have the answers they are looking for. That blog post was not intended as clickbait and simply relays information published in reports about Bubas and his work. Yet in a broader sense, we are in the same quest for answers on a variety of topics and deliver them to those who entrust us with the mission of helping them find their voice and articulate their thoughts. We can only be grateful to our clients and readers.