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To The Goddesses Around Us

Graffiti of Woman in Venice

It has been noted that the ancient Greeks were deeply mystified by the power of women as the givers of life in an age when conception was seen as a divine attribute. So in awe of women they were that they bequeathed us the Greek Mythology, that major milestone of civilization. We owe them the women that have populated our imagination ever since: Aphrodite, Athena, Pandora, the Amazons, and Penelope, who is still weaving her endless shroud, awaiting the return of Ulysses. Like her, we could go on weaving our words of acknowledgment and gratitude to women forever, for our yarn is also infinite. We call it love. Go on. Read Homer. See if you will not recognize these goddesses around you. Mother. Wife. Girlfriend. Sister. Daughter. Classmate. Colleague. Sweetheart. Or the woman who still has not turned up in your life and who will carry with her the power to do miracles that the ancient Greeks, and all of us, so admire.

Featured image of Maria Callas by street artist #Lediesis in Venice. Photo: A. Hadjian.