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Five ideas on how to spend $1,000 instead of buying an iPhone X

Long gone are the days when $1,000 would get you far. Nonetheless, it is still a decent amount of money anywhere in the world. We mean, it can buy you more than a sandwich and a Coke. But we do believe that the best gifts are not things but experiences, like travel and food. Spend wisely.

We run down a list of ideas if you have that kind of spare change to spend. These are our top five:

  1. Take yourself and your significant other on a Caribbean cruise for a week, sailing from Florida. That may not sound like a fantastic idea right now but we are talking about sailing dates in February 2018.
  2. A return flight for two from New York to Paris, including a three-night stay at the five-star Hotel d’Aubusson will cost you $800. Keep the $200 change for an unforgettable dinner at a place of your choice with your significant other.
  3. Get a 1961 Haut-Brion, one of the best red Bordeaux wines you will find on the market. If you are lucky, this bottle can be yours for less than $900. Use the leftover money to send out fancy invitations to friends for a memorable winetasting evening.
  4. How about puffing away your thoughts and dreams in good company? A box of ten Cohiba Behike 54 cigars should cost you $999.
  5. Enjoy one of the most exclusive dinners in the world at Osteria Francescana, in Modena, at $300 the 12-course tasting menu. Throw in another $200 for the wine pairing. Spend the remaining $500 towards the flight to Italy or traveling around the country. Our suggestion: take the two-hour train to Venice and spend the night at the Danieli. You will feel like a movie star. True: including train fare and tips, it would get you a little over $1,000. But you can surely afford parting with another $100 or so.

You may also spend $999 in the new iPhone X and pay the monthly rates to whoever your provider is. And yes, you would look great on Snapchat with the fancy camera on it. Thanks, but no, thanks. Really.