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Why transferring photos from an iPhone can be so tough

This correspondent spent the last weekend trying to download six-month worth of photos from his iPhone 6S he bought in New York last summer. Well, he did, but then he did not. He got his current device in Fort Lauderdale. But that’s another story, for some other time. The photos were all backed up in iCloud.

In any case, he wanted to download these pictures from Venice, New York, a trove of shots from the Transcontinental railroad from Penn Station in New York to Los Angeles, California. Then there were more pictures from a flight to Fort Lauderdale and all the way up back to New York, again by train.

The whole process took him hours on end. It was so frustrating that he found himself speaking to himself (or to the computer and the phone) quite loudly about the company based in Cupertino, California.

Could the annoyingly impossible process of transferring photos to an external hard drive be part of an insidious strategy? For a dialog box about “upgrading” his iCloud plan kept popping up.

What if this was all on purpose? Has Apple made transferring photos so irritating to induce users to take the easy path? Pay a few dollars and enlarge your iCloud storage. Problem solved. Or is it mere clumsiness? Cupertino, we have a problem.

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