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Printed Books Still Rule Young Minds


Take it from the Buenos Aires Book Fair, which ranks among the most important in the world. At least 93 percent of attendees of the 2016 edition aged 16-24 had read “at least one book” last year. It’s nothing to write home about, certainly. One book a year cannot thrill anyone (and it remains to be seen if survey respondents told the truth, as opposed to lying because of shame).

Yet what is interesting is a majority read printed books: 52.5 percent, according to their responses. The rest do it through electronic devices. The breakdown of the remaining 47.5 percent is the following: 35 percent do it on a PC, followed by a 19 percent who do it on their smartphones, a 17 percent on tablets and, last and least, e-books, with 8.6 percent.


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