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Ten Proven Methods For Becoming a Millionaire


  1. Be the son of a millionaire. Statistics are clear: behind every guy who starts his business in a garage there is a construction company that built that garage and thousands more. That company has owners and these owners have children. So, my first tip is that, if you’re not yet born, be born in the mansion of a millionaire. Preferably away from the servants’ quarters.
  2. Have a great idea. Wheels, shoes, deodorants, glasses … all these inventions made millionaires of their creators, even if we do not know who they are. The important thing is that nobody else thought them up before. That is why I cannot give examples; otherwise, I would have conceived them before you.
  3. Get lucky. The Chinese with their ageless wisdom of writing crisis and opportunity with a similar ideogram talk about the four wheels of fortune, one of which is luck. If you are someone who wins the lottery frequently, in the long run you will be millionaire after taxes.
  4. Earn money by telling other people how to make money. For example: How I beat the roulette; How to beat Wall Street; 10 tips for becoming a millionaire, etc. If you are in trouble, write the following self-help book that no one has written yet: “How to write a self-help book.”
  5. Instead of thinking a business idea, which is somewhat difficult and requires expensive engineers, register the idea you do not have and cheap lawyers at hand. For example, register the website: and sue anyone who uses the words rent, pet or com. Be flexible to reach an agreement.
  6. Invent an app for smartphones. For example, an application that autocomplete phrases in WhatsApp or Tinder chats with phrases taken from songs and poems. For example, if she chats “It rains”, the app suggests to respond “No one, not even the rain, has hands as soft as yours.” It will earn millions from all those who spent their teenage savings paying the ticket for places that advertised “Ladies Free.”
  7. Inherit. Find out who are the older women in the neighborhood who own homes with no mortgage and propose to them or have yourself adopted by them. Sometimes it is just enough to mow the lawn for widows…
  8. Learn languages. Language schools argue that people who speak several languages ​​are smarter. If they are smarter they should be richer. Did you know that fifty percent of languages ​​are spoken in only countries? The eight countries are Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, whose aborigines are extremely rich polyglots.
  9. Be famous. Many celebrities make a fortune with graphic and television advertising (that we hear still exists). Becoming famous is very easy. If you do not know how, look in this site for the article “Ten Proven Methods for Becoming Famous.”
  10. Work. So they say.

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