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If you Can’t Wait for the iPhone 8, There is Xiaomi


Xiaomi is releasing the Mi 5S and the Mi 5S Plus, the flagships of its smartphone line. Mostly unknown in the States, the brand is huge in China and other markets. Its sleek design and fabulous features have earned the company a loyal following. Why, then, aren’t American consumers blessed with this choice at home? Most likely because the company would be sued into smithereens. Xiaomi copies all things iPhone. But this time they upped their own ante. They got ahead of Apple. Not only did they mimic every visible feature expected in the iPhone 8 in 2017. In its latest models, Xiaomi included an under-glass ultrasonic fingerprint reader. This feature enabled a full screen phone, without the home button. With its iPhone 7, Apple is gently nudging its customers into the “homeless” device it will launch next year. But the Chinese company did away with all pretenses and transitions. So, if you really can’t wait a full year, there is Xiaomi.

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