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Hoverboards that don’t hover, and catch fire too


Those who sit out the first generation of any device, be that a smart phone or big toys, will feel amply rewarded. There has been a massive recall of hoverboards, the hottest sale item in the last holiday season, because now their batteries catch fire. Really, and quite literally. They had got off to a bad start, for soon after their release, online boards and YouTube were filled with stories of fun gone awry with people falling off these things, that are really self-balancing scooters rather than really hoverboards. They don’t hover, but rather wheel back and forth in erratic motion. With the flaming incidents, things have got worse. Yet we hold out hope that soon some of the prototypes and limited production hoverboards that actually levitate, or fly, will actually hit the market. And those of us in thrall of the things we saw in Back to the Future will finally see these fantastic inventions come true.


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