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The mass shooting at Orlando is not an issue we would normally address in this blog. Silence on it, however, would be insensitive. We first extend our condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims. We repudiate violence. We also repudiate the bigotry and intolerance involved in this attack, which targeted the gay community, and stand in solidarity with them. We extend our solidarity to any person or community who suffers from discrimination. There are several issues related to this enormous crime: gun control; religious extremism; mental health; and political discourse. Other venues are more appropriate spaces for the discussion of these issues. Hate, however, needs no justification. Or, rather, it will find justification or a rationale for anything moved by hatred. In the mind of the hater, any scripture, holy or otherwise, can be twisted into justifying this crime. This is the blog of Verb, a communication agency. We shall therefore restrict our conclusions to the following: We do believe that those responsible for the wellbeing of their community need to tackle issues by speaking about them with clarity. Clear speech leads to clear decisions. It is abundantly clear that it is too easy to legally purchase a gun in the United States. Too many of them are ending in the wrong hands. Only the day before a gunman killed, also in Orlando, Kristina Grimmie, a 22 year old singer. This is an issue that has to be addressed. Lawmakers need to speak up. Thoughts and prayers will not stem this tragic routine.


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