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Samsung May Launch Bendable Screen Mobile in 2017


Bloomberg reports that Samsung is considering introducing two smartphone models that will feature bendable screens, including a version that folds in half like a cosmetic compact. Plasticity will allow the device to function both as a 5-inch handset and, if unfurled, an 8-inch tablet. The new product line, made with organic light-emitting diodes, may be launched as soon as February 2017, in time for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung is already the biggest supplier of OLED panels for mobile devices. It is also a pioneer in the development of new screen formats, with its multi-sided Edge smartphones. As tantalizing as all this may appear to our jaded minds, we are perhaps only emerging from the prehistory of mobile communications. At Verb, we hope we may live to see the electronic paper, one that you can fold and unfold, hold, and write on, but also endowed with digital capabilities like any smart electronic device. It heartens us to see that developments seem to be pointing in that direction. This writer enjoys nothing like sinking on an easy chair, holding a broadsheet. Modern bad habits, however, have seeped in. More than once, he has found himself drawing his index finger over the unresponsive letters and photos.

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