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A Gambler’s Dream Comes True, and Ours Too: Software Picks Winning Horse

Imagine a fantasy world, one in which you have a device that tells you the winning horse, lottery ticket or number at the roulette. Now that tool is here: a software program called UNU processed the input of twenty horse racing experts to correctly predict which four horses would cross the finish line— and in which order—at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby. The prediction is called a superfecta, and had 540-to-1 odds: this means it would win you $540 against a $1 bet. UNU was developed by Unanimous A.I., a Silicon Valley startup founded by entrepreneur and researcher Louis Rosenberg. Some of its accurate predictions in the past were the Super Bowl results, the NCAA championships, the Oscars, and also correctly predicted primary election results. Let us imagine for a moment that this software or a similar one goes mainstream and we can have it on a mobile phone app. What kind of precautions would casinos and bookers take, or would be able to take? And more importantly, how fun would it be if every player around the roulette table knew the winning number?


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