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In A Better World, Little Red Riding Hood Loves The Wolves


Guillaume Chapron and Adrian Treves have put together video that explains with Playmobil figurines why government approved culls of wolves are bad for the animals, especially in some U.S. states. The reasoning behind these government-approved permissions is that it helps combat poaching, by deterring ranchers from taking matters into their own hands against the predators of their cattle. Chapron and Treves have co-authored a study that shows that, actually, culling may be having the opposite effect, amounting to a “wink” for hunters that go on killing wolves. Some voices dispute the validity of their research, but we want to make a broader point about something else. As this writer’s first experience of literature were fairy-tales like Little Red Riding Hood and her enemy the evil wolf, the news struck a different chord with him. Is our environmental consciousness trickling in also into the narrative for children? If we learn from our childhood to think of one planet shared by all and for all that are on it, we may grow up to see not a world marked by opposites, but a whole one, the better the richer its diversity. The morale of these old tales is still valid: it teaches the youngest that some animals can be trusted and some others can be dangerous for humans. Yet that can and is already being substituted by responsible education. The day may come in which Little Red Riding Hood may love the Wolf as she does everything in nature. And even better, we may see the day in which humans stop taunting peers by calling them with names of animals for their very human behavior they disapprove. One can only wonder who would be the evil characters if animals told and wrote fables.


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