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Endangered Species: Homo Faber


Since the onset of mankind and our earliest memories, we humans have been set apart from the rest by our capacity to make things, build upon our creations. That is a very short description for what we call culture and civilization, and it exists not only because of a superior calling but because it responds to our innate instincts. This may be why in the present world, so many people are unhappy with their work, notwithstanding incomes and a standard of living that previous generations could only dream about. Yet most people now spend, quite literally, most of their lives behind computer screens, crunching data and doing work that is as fulfilling as building sand castles, or maybe less. But the “feel good factor” sometimes makes matters worse: a former Newsweek writer thought life in a startup would be better after the disappointments of the degrading workplace in journalism following the upheavals caused by the Internet. Yet when people were fired for no obvious reason, the layoffs were called “graduations” and the employees let go were sent off with parties and balloons. There is no need for insult on top of injury.


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