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Why Our Homes Are Keeping Us In On Weekends


In a somewhat nostalgic article for those who are approaching a certain age, Molly Young (no pun intended) has a great read in the New York Times. Why, she wonders, we roll our eyes when we are asked what we did last weekend? Nothing eventful, we think. After a grueling workweek, we just want to stay in, for one. Beyond sociological aspects that she analyzes as well, the reason, quite literally, is the material possibility. The Internet services have made it possible to get gourmet food at home, often at a fraction of the price that it would cost outside. We can linger on over a good table, and for much longer, in an intimate setting. This also applies to equipment that, not such a long time ago, were the preserve of the privileged. Namely, home theater systems and flat screen TV sets that come in almost movie screen sizes, turn our houses into our personal entertainment centers. One challenge that residents will have to grapple with is not to inflict their favorite films or songs to neighbors. A rise in the demand of insulating material is therefore due to ensue. Our customer Knauf, among other companies, recently helped an architect tackle a problem of this type on a large scale: he had to build an auditorium on a ground floor that was right beneath a roofed school courtyard. In order to meet the structural challenges, the architect chose Knauf’s Cleaneo Akustik Quadrat panel, so when the kids were running, jumping and screaming during their break upstairs, downstairs the audience would not miss a note from a violin concert.


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