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Tips from Pagani, Maker of the Most Expensive Cars


Horacio Pagani makes the Huayra and the Zonda, the most expensive cars in the world. The top models sell at 10 million euros. In an interview with La Nación, he reviews the steps that took him from a small town in Argentina to working for Lamborghini and then opening his own company. His father was a hard-working baker and his mother, a painter of exquisite taste who taught their children to dress well. As a child, Pagani woke up very early to draw and make little car models. He staged “car shows” with his creations for his friends. “Instead of laughing at me, they respected what I did.” And at that age, he would tell his mother that he would go one day to Modena in Italy to make his own cars, as he does today. Later came his first creations: a motorbike; a car prototype, and other vehicles he created in his little workshop in the town of Casilda. A good word from Juan Manuel Fangio, an Argentine racing legend, opened doors with fabled Italian carmakers. Yet when Pagani arrived in Italy to work for Lamborghini, he and his wife only had two suitcases and enough money to buy two bicycles and a tent, in which they spent their first months. He was hired as a floor sweeper at Lamborghini but within the year had attained a management position at the production plant. The ingredients to his success? Family; vision; discipline; perseverance; exquisite taste, and good friends. There is one more component, though, that can make or break a life. Reutemann, another Argentine Formula 1 pilot, had once recommended a promising young man as a pilot to Enzo Ferrari. “Does this young man have luck?” Ferrari asked. “He has everything but that’s precisely what he is missing,” Reutemann responded. “Then don’t bring him to me,” Ferrari said.


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