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Smart Watches: What Do We Want On Our Wrists?


The Apple Watch, Fitbit, Misfit and Pebble, among others, all compete for similar or identical niches of a specific market: the wearables. By some accounts, it has become too crowded a segment: the smart watches and the fitness trackers are certainly not the same, but the similarities may be more than the differences. Some of these smart-device makers you wear on your wrist have cut back on staff and costs, whereas the stock of others has sunk, leading analysts to wonder if the market has peaked. But Fitbit seems to be doing as well as its customers strive to be. It may be a marketing ploy, but Fitbit founder James Park emphasized the particularities of his health-oriented product. The smart watches, he suggests, do too many things, causing confusion about their purpose. He may have a point. We are now surrounded with devices that execute overlapping tasks. Our smart phones and watches allow us to check and write email, be up to date on your social network accounts and almost anything else that you can do your computer. For some of us, there is nothing like the small pleasure of a watch. One of the traditional sort, we mean: those that simply tick away the hours of life earned and forever gone.

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