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A cat survives in the mail for 8 days, and other extraordinary stories


A cat called Cupcake survived eight days in a box as she was mailed across England. Her owner shipped the box with old DVDs without realizing Cupcake had curled up for a nap inside it. She was scared and dehydrated when the surprised recipients of the DVDs found her. Yet she made it back to her tearful owner safe and sound. Speaking of cats, an ingenious policeman in Nebraska used his Taser to guide a cat to safety after a classic: it was stranded on a tree. The cat followed the laser beam and led down to firm ground. Perhaps this non-harmful way of employing the Taser could work on suspects on the run. More extraordinary news have enlivened newspapers these days: Rhode Island launched a promotional video, part of a $5 million campaign, that showed footage from, where else, Iceland! Where else? And if you want to make some bucks, browse the cupboards for old VHS movies. Some, including 1974’s Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, may fetch close to $2,000. Make sure, however, that these are not unreturned items from your local video club: you may end up in jail, like this North Carolina man. He had forgotten to turn back Freddy Got Fingered at some point in 2002. The store that rented it out has closed a decade ago. And in the Argentine city of La Plata, a disagreement over pay among municipal doctors boiled over and led to a collective fistfight. Yet faithful to their oath, they treated each other’s bruises afterwards. All of these small stories are true. Really. If you want April’s Fools jokes, click here. But don’t overdo it, like this dad on his kids: an empty iPad box with a little note inside making fun of them is not nice. They will have time to grow up and realize it’s a cruel, cruel world.

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