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It’s Not You; It’s the Software

Software is causing people to snap. It is happening even to those who were born in the Internet era. The smartphones appear not to respond to our commands. They behave whimsically, and then some. Downloading music can feel like a struggle. And you can forget about it if the connection is slow. Or have you tried a search lately? “Google” has become a verb in conversational speech. But for how long are we going to say “Google it” when suggesting to run a search? Perhaps its days are numbered, if the browser ecosystem keeps expanding and adding functionality, like Alphabet. Apple, long the champion of simple software and design, is ceding that crown. Nothing about it is as simple as it used to, much less its software. Its iOS upgrades may often feel like downgrades instead. And if you have tried iTunes lately and have given up even before managing to browse, you are not alone. It is true that people are becoming avid for more functions. But the design is not keeping up pace. Internet of Things devices have mystified, frustrated and angered customers who were embracing its promises. Some did not even manage to connect them to the Internet. A company that has been revolutionary in so many aspects is leading the way on this score, too. Tesla is not only an example of what cars ideally should be. It also creates products that are meant to fit the habits of users, and not the other way around.


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