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Wrong Number: Brazilian Woman Gets Hate Mail Meant for Ex President


Blame it on instant communications: a Brazilian woman’s mobile number was mistakenly advertised as that of former President Lula’s, a leftist leader who used to be immensely popular until his fall from grace amid a political crisis. Cyber activists wanted to punish the former head of state now investigated for corruption. But they got the wrong number. As a result, a complete stranger called Carol Borges has been receiving an endless stream of unflattering messages meant for a man who looks very different in his profile picture. Yet the image of young woman has not deterred those who are cross with the bearded politician. It is of little consolation that she has also been receiving expressions of support. Her inbox is flooded with the wrong messages for the wrong person. And protesters could think of more original methods, as well as ones that do not violate people’s privacy, regardless of status and charges made against them. Cyber lynching is wrong. It is also ineffective. It may take as little as a few minutes to change a phone number and return to anonymity.

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