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Mobile phones as projectors and windows into virtual reality

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ushers us in this year into a new era of mobile phone communications. In a decade, they have metamorphosed into basic tools to speed up processes and jobs that formerly took hours or days. ZTE is one of the companies that introduced projectors: it presented the Spro Plus, an Android-based projector that works with lasers instead of LEDs, which also includes a JBL sound system too: this means you can watch movies or TVs with it. But the star this year appears to be VR headsets. “They are everywhere, but cameras that can shoot 360-degree videos for those headsets? Not so much,” says CNET’s reporter. But Samsung’s built the Galaxy Gear 360 for just that. This camera ball shoots in 360 degrees and connects with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge to process the video. That a handheld device may introduce us into the new dimension called “virtual reality” has philosophical implications that we can only begin to ponder.

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