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We are wired to transfer knowledge

We are wired to transfer knowledge and the communication chain goes back from the hyper-connected human being to the bipedal on the savanna, projecting himself in a perpetual and uninterrupted movement.

We have learned from our preceding versions (parents and grandparents) and we relay to our offspring a human idea that evolves on its own.

We find ourselves on a stage that gives us feedback and gathers us, to get to know each other and exchange experiences: that’s where a generous door opens to the spirit of art and science, much more comprehensive and decentralized. It’s a space in which the political barriers stop being a limitation to the open thinking and springs begin to bloom in societies where the thirst for knowledge was suppressed in dictatorial ways.

Hence the priority to establish a departure point: each broadcaster’s contents are the result of all that has been self-processed and that in each opinion our true level of understanding is clearly exposed. That content defines us as a product in this new communicational context that we have created.

We have to be careful in an environment in which confabulations and double-speak pile on top of each other. We have to understand how to read, as part of the cognitive process is learning to unmask and understand what lies behind appearances. That may be hard when so much effort goes into masking realities.

You and I are part of an extraordinary original and particular version that claims for itself and for others a space in which to create affinities and build shared goals, not only egocentric, in order to achieve a common ground.

For the first time ever, we are broadcasting ourselves in an exponential manner. Towards that goal we built these micro-multimedia tools, from smart phones to social networks, to put them at the service not of communication in itself, but of content.

Federico Helman


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