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The thematic Big Bang of our era

The new communication paradigm, in which everyone acts like a mini-multimedia thanks to mobile platforms and social networks, is at the inception of a thematic Big Bang, which carries with it social changes that at the moment are hard to analyze: we are faced with an expansive wave, similar to a sonar that still does not bounce against a surface. And if it happened, we still do not have at our disposal the mechanisms needed to decode it, as we are busy sending and spreading messages. We have become great communicators and, paradoxically, part of the communicators have seen themselves considerably limited to their capacity to listen to each other, as we do not build links with other persons but with the platform he uses.

The linking mechanism is seen as co-star that is part of the show –and this is not a small matter– as devices with multiple functions are endowed with their own, and attractive, entity. They become an extension of ourselves to act as our memory, our communication means, and our relation to politics and society, as well as collective or personal matters.

Suffice it to see how new communicators pay so much attention to their devices, instead of the world that surrounds them. It is a new tendency towards immersion that encloses us within a bubble of communication, that rolls in a free-wheeling manner on its own impulse.

At the same time, solidary chains emerge, vital information is activated, and humanity comes to see itself singularly, because behind this universe we see the individual in full force, with his extraordinary capacity to overcome tsunamis, o come out from the bottom of a mine shat in the middle of a desert.

This system feeds and justifies man as a communicating being, not only the creator of language, but also the needed mechanisms that allow it to achieve its goal, not only for itself, but also along with the other species that share our world, for a larger planetary conscience.

Above all this structure, at the summit of creation, we are all acting as communicators. Each of us leaves in the connectivity the mark of his own contents that were transmitted within our families, schools, social and professional circles. We also shaped them throughout our existence in order to decode the truth within each matter that concerns us. The final goal of this process is to give us the capacity to avoid false ideas or fall into traps that subtly will appear on our path. Nothing else.

Federico Helman


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